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Posing for portrait photography

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

There are many things to take note when learning to take portrait photography. You can’t just ask the person to stand somewhere, take your camera and just shoot and hope for the best. A vacation family photo can be taken just like that. But to achieve more some additional understanding about basic portrait photography will be needed.

It is fine to fill in the frame, get close up to catch the appearance of a person’s features. Sometimes you want to enhance the picture and thus you have to tell your subject to position in a way to get a better portrait shot. (more…)

Portrait Photography Tips

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Taking a proper people portrait is very different from taking pictures of say a picture of family and you in a holiday travel destination. For one, you are not taking a picture of “I was here” in this so-and-so vacation place. Sure those photos are memorable and show a happy family together for an outing in some far flung place. And of course if you must and do show a bit of the location you were at by including bits of background picture of wherever you were having a vacation.

However to get a nice good portrait photography, such backgrounds are more of a distraction unless you can make it part of your photo composition in an artistic way. In any case, less is more for portrait photography. (more…)

People and Portrait Photography Basics

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Taking photography of people whether it is family members, friends or even strangers requires a certain amount of awareness, a quick and steady hand to capture a candid moment.

And of course you may need to stand up to some amount of embarrassment as you pick up your DSLR camera and point towards the intended subject with or without their knowledge. Some situations are easier, with friends and family members who are not too camera shy, as well as when you are hired to take wedding photography reception events. (more…)