Canon EOS 30D Battery

There are two Canon EOS 30D batteries which you have to take note. Although basically most of us would know and remember to charge up the main Lithium-Ion battery so that our photography equipment would be ever ready to catch that perfect shot, which consequently when the battery is brand new would yield about 500 photo shots. The less noted little button battery which is used for keeping the date and time on the Canon EOS 30D tend to be overlooked. And that’s what happened to me.

The main battery pack is labeled by Canon as BP-511A has a 7.4 voltage and stores about 1390 mAh. On a full charge and brand new, it would yield about 500 shots and the number of shots will reduce as the battery aged. It would be a good idea to purchase a spare as you can’t just simply buy off the shelf unlike the compact camera’s that uses the AA batteries.

Canon EOS 30D battery

Nowadays, the new compact cameras no longer uses AA batteries save those low end compacts. It is of course possible to purchase compatible batteries at a much cheaper price and works just as good if not better. The camera shop assured me it is of good quality and so far I have no problem with it.

As for the little button battery, the Canon EOS 30D uses the CR2016 3 volt battery to maintain the date and time function of the photography equipment. This little button battery will last a long time, perhaps as long as 3 years, similar to the computer BIOS battery. However the CR2016 battery is thinner. Once the battery goes date, the digital camera will not be able to maintain the time. It is not a big deal though it can be irritating. You could switch on your camera and use the main BP-511A battery to maintain the time for the duration of the shoot. However the moment you switch off the main, you will need to set the time and date when you switch on the digital SLR again. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t press the final ok selection after setting the date and time and all my photos were recorded with the wrong date and time!

The correct date and time is useful especially if you are using Google’s Picasa to organize your photos according to when the picture was taken. You could correct the date en masse but not the time as that would require individually fixing each photo. If you have hundreds or even thousands of pictures after a shooting session, forget about fixing the time, just at least fix the date.

The CR2016 battery can be obtain in most hardware shop or failing which you could get it from the watch repair shop where they have all manner of sizes of button batteries, which I’m sure they would certainly have a matching battery though it would be slight more expensive than if you were to purchase from a hardware convenience store.

In case you are searching for the info, the Canon EOS 30D uses two types of batteries:

  • BP-511A, 7.4 Volt, 1390 mAh main battery
  • CR2016, 3V button battery for maintaining date / time


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