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Jan's Build a Free Web Site with Bravenet free web hosting services

Bravenet free web hosting services has some interesting offerings to a build a free web site. Unlike the others, they give you complete control over your HTML/CSS when you make your own web site. In addition you have one FTP account for ease of uploading your web pages. That means you can create your web site offline to be later uploaded into your free web site.

Like most build a free web sites offerings, the free web hosting services company need to find a way to fund your activities, and that means your site will be ad supported. You can't remove the ads; it will be automatically added to your web page after you have uploaded it.

If you like Bravenet web hosting solution, then sign up for their premium hosting account. It comes with a free domain name, even while free you could host up to 5 domains, and for a paid web hosting, you can host up to 10 domains. However when it comes to counting domains it also includes sub domains, so in actual you could only host less that stated if you use a lot of sub domains. Paid web hosting also enables you to access features like PHP and MySQL which are not available with the free web hosting services version.

One very odd way of Bravenet when it comes to calculating the paid web hosting duration is that they use a 30 days month, which means a one year web hosting is only 360 days! You lose five days of hosting when you compare against the other web hosting companies. Yes, I found out after I've signed up with Bravenet. If you are not too particular about the five days loss, Bravenet is not too bad as a web hosting company. Their web server load is not so heavily used so your web site loads quite speedily. They also have many web site tools that you could use, though unfortunately those tools do not plug in to your domain name, but rather they are a sub domain to Bravehost. I would prefer if it was attached to your domain name rather than to their Bravehost sub domain.

I was actually contemplating to move over to Bravenet but now after using it for awhile, I think I will stick back with Bluehost web hosting which I think still has the best web hosting features, though their web server may become a little slower during heavy loads especially during the yearend holidays when a large number of people is surfing online. So when my Bravenet web hosting account expires I will not renew it anymore though I would still keep the free web hosting services active for experimental and evaluation purposes.

Although Bravenet is not my favourite web hosting, its build a free web site services offering although ad supported is still quite good. And if you like it, and got use to their web hosting system you could opt for their premium web hosting.


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